Let's Courageously Illuminate your Creative Magic ✨

Have a creative idea that you want to bring to life but have no clue where to begin?

Well you’re in the right place because you my friend have it, the gift of creativity. 

And it’s waiting for you to be BRAVE enough to ignite the creative spark and GLOW.

Creativity has to find you working...

It finds you experimenting, playing, taking messy imperfect action and mastering your craft.

But here’s the catch…

We are taught that you have to have a natural born talent to follow a path of purpose.

And this just isn’t true.

The only difference between you and Picasso is practice.

With Creative Kinesiology + Coaching I teach you how to turn your inspiration into an intentional creative practice that lights up your SOUL!

"Pip has helped me navigate the overwhelm of starting my own business guiding me to shift from self-doubt into a frequency of knowing! Making the investment was scary at first, but having Pip hold me accountable and remind me of how capable I am was worth every penny and more!!"
Maria Dare
Coaching Client

Creation is your Souls Calling.

It’s what your soul came here to do.

In each moment you are creating experiences, memories, new life. Creativity is in nature, the stars your inspiration and interactions with others.

And you can explore it for any of these purposes and more.

Creativity for self-care.
Creativity for play.
Creativity to discover your passion and purpose.
Creativity to attract the life you desire.
Creativity to shift your state.

So, what are you here to create?

Let Curiosity and Authenticity Lead the Way.

Get curious about who you are.

Find your authenticity.

Inject that personality into your creative practice.

Share your purpose courageously.

Because when you learn to show up as ALL of YOU
following your passion gets to be FUN!

So let’s talk about what’s possible through Creative Kinesiology + Coaching for a second…

🔥 Illuminate your intuition by connecting to your soul star – your higher-self.

🔥 Learn to trust the whispers of your soul by healing your unhelpful thoughts and emotions with NLP + Kinesiology.

🔥 Download creative inspiration from your personal universe and turn that into aligned action.

🔥 Be witnessed in your expression by bravely sharing content on social media.

🔥 Choose to courageously show your unique passion and purpose to the world.

I help two types of creative souls...

The Aspiring Creative Soul.

This is the soul who desires to find and follow their purpose, they want to connect well, reconnect with their creativity (because it’s always been there). Yet they feel unsure where to begin to start sharing their magic with others.

The Tired Creative Soul.

This is the soul who feels like they have lost their way. They are taking lots of action, and not seeing the results they desire yet. Overwhelmed, exhausted, maybe even frustrated, this energy leading towards burnout.

Which one are you?

Jump over to Instagram and let me know 

"Healing work can be particularly raw and Pip creates a space on which you can feel safe and feel comfortable enough to open up to work through whatever is coming through for you. It was a pleasure to be guided by her and a lot of the techniques she shared with me I will continue to use in my day to day routines."​
Jessica Bee
Coaching Client

Activate your PURPOSE!

You have a purpose that can only be expressed through YOU!

I’m here to off you cosmic guidance as you Activate your Purpose and find your creative GLOW! 


Join me for 60mins of inspiration where we can…

✨ Get Clear on your dreams and goals.

✨ Identify + release any blocked emotions or limiting beliefs.

✨ Balance your energy with Kinesiology 

✨ And define your next aligned steps. 

Investment $188

(or get in touch for info on the 4 week program @studiosoulstar)

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Coaching allows us to look at our beliefs, patterns, habits & emotions. Through Mind-body processes we can rewire our behaviour so that we come into alignment with our desires.

Each time you start something new, a new level of commitment is required for you to thrive. Because how we do one thing is how we do everything and unless we actively work on our mindset through the process of coaching or change work we might be attempting to live our lives and do things from un-resourceful states.

Whenever you start something new you might come into the experience with expectations or prior knowledge.

The advice is to leave every other piece of information, every course, program, study, modality and what you think you know at the door.

This allows you to stay completely open to the process and step into the flow of trust.

So coaching is great for you if…

💜 you’re a dedicated dreamer or creative freelancer ready to evolve into an empowered entrepreneur.

💜 you love growth and self-discovery

💜 you are open to learning & responsible for your own results

💜 you are willing to play 100% and committed to taking on advice and completing tasks set for you.

💜 are ready to next-level your brand

💜 AND if you love to dance, smile & have fun.

Your beliefs and emotions can affect how you show up in your creative practice

Coaching allows us to work on your mindset and energy to develop better habits, consistency and productivity so that you can take aligned action with ease. 

The combination mindset and energy work allows you to see your creative practice from a different perspective by…

🌼 rewiring your beliefs

🌼 unlocking your potential

🌼 aligning your energy

🌼 building a content strategy for your craft

🌼 add a little wizardry to your mind-body awareness.

🌼 plus inspiring you to show up with courage as you make your mark. 

Mind-body processes are a combination of change-work tools and techniques from a range of modalities. 

This includes:

✨ Hypnotherapy, Past-life Regression & Meditation for visualisation and relaxation purposes

✨ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to shift energy, heal negative states & embrace positive emotions.

✨ Applied Kinesiology for Emotional Balance and to understand the connection between our body & mind.

✨ NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming to rewire old beliefs, patterns and behaviours and connect you to more resourceful states.

✨ Positive Psychology to know and discover what is strong over what’s wrong – changing your perspective & outlook on life through gratitude & journaling.

✨ Reiki – for energy healing and transmutation.

Throughout the coaching process, you will be challenged to stretch your comfort zone with specific tasking. 

This tasking may often feel uncomfortable, but it allows for growth within yourself and your mind. 

Push through the barriers of your limitations and embrace the new to allow for the biggest and most wonderful change & transformation.

We all have a conscious and unconscious mind. 

Our conscious mind is about 10% of our brain this is responsible for our analytical mind. It is our ability to critically think, plan and our short term memory.
Our unconscious (or subconscious mind) is responsible for long term memory, our emotions, feelings, habits, relationships, patterns, addictions, involuntary body functions, creativity, intuition and development stages.

The prime directive of the unconscious mind is to serve and protect you. Meaning that our unconscious beliefs, patterns and habits will only come to our conscious awareness once we are ready to deal with them. 

If you often hear people saying “I thought I dealt with or worked through that problem” it means that a new layer is now ready to be explored. 

Life is a never-ending learning and evolving journey and that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s about learning to look at life and your experiences from different perspectives. 

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