Are you searching for someone to teach you how to turn your inspired ideas into purposeful + aligned action?

Well call off the search party…

Because I’m here to help you do just that!

Hey Soul Star.

I’m Pip Laiika!

And I’m here to offer cosmic guidance as you open the doors to a purpose that lights up your SOUL!

Whether your excited to start exploring your dreams and desires, or just at the beginning of your self-discovery journey.

I got you.

As a Kinesiologist + Creative Coach I will teach you the practical, spiritual and inspirational tools that you’ve been looking for so that you can take your overwhelming amount of ideas, find clarity and run with them towards a fulfilling purpose-led life.

Creativity from within.

There is already a script written for a life lived by YOU!

💫 Where you are guided by your intuition.
💫 Where you listen to and trust the whispers of your soul.
💫 Where you express your authentic magic with courage.

Yet somewhere along the path you stopped believing that your dreams were possible…

And now it’s time to flip that script by unlearning all the things that created this mindset and the associated feelings.

Because we all have the gift of creativity. Sometimes laying dormant in your heart and soul until you choose to ignite the spark, get messy, play and experiment within your craft.

So, let’s open your heart to receive and clear your mind to retrieve the inspiration that is waiting to come to life through YOU!

What is Kinesiology + Creative Coaching?

Well, let’s start at the beginning shall we…

Creativity has always been my go-to way of expressing myself.

As a teenager I started exploring spirituality through my art folios, with pages on the Chinese elements, sacred symbols and understanding different religions – the humble beginnings of a self-discovery journey.

I didn’t realise at the time the pages would become my future vision boards.

When studying art + textile design and “finding myself” in my early 20s I went to a Kinesiologist and fell in love with the modality. 

I wanted to know MORE!

Fast forward a couple of years, with Kinesiology still in the back of my mind
I knew deep down my soul was destined for more than the textile product business and freelance graphic design gigs I was running.

When I got the opportunity to deepen my studies in Mind-Body Coaching I quickly came to realise that following a creative path came with societal beliefs, unwarranted fears and emotions that I now had to tools to help others rewire and reprogram so that they could rewrite their creative stories.

And my passion for guiding people to move through life and find their purpose with Kinesiology + Creative Coaching was born.

"Pip has a wealth of knowledge about setting up a business in the modern era and she is not afraid to think outside the box. Before working with Pip I was seeking clarity, direction & motivation while struggling with soul-doubt. Now I feel confident to pursue my goals and believe in my abilities and my business. "​
Greg C
Coaching Client


If your curious about finding the clarity and direction you desire for your creative dreams.

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Over the past 10+ years I have been studying everything from art & textile design, to business, and mind body coaching that will help you step into your creative practice with courage.

2013 – Cert IV in Design – Brighton Bay, Art, Design & Photography School

2014 – 2016 – Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) – RMIT

2016 – Cert IV in Small Business Management – RMIT

2021 – Presentation & Marketing Skills – MBX Institute

2018 – Certified Reiki Master – Shadow’s of Self

2020 – Mind Body Coaching Diploma – MBX Institute includes:

★ Certified Positive Psychology & NLP Practitioner

★ Certified Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Practitioner

★ Certified Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Applied Kinesiology Practitioner

I have also learnt all things brand + business strategy, copywriting, journalling, business energetics, tarot, and attended a design business bootcamp with leading female entrepreneurs such as: Kat Elizabeth, Alanna Deutrom, Jenna KutcherRuby Lee, Brigit Esselmont & Anna Dower.