Find your Centre with Kinesiology.

When life’s stresses get in the way bring the focus back to you with a little self-care. 

Kinesiology can help you uncover your emotional blocks, release that stress from your body and guide you back towards alignment in your everyday life.

Now taking in-person bookings at Remedy Lane, Geelong.

What would it feel like to finally reach that goal?

Can you imagine yourself creating Balance + Alignment?

Finishing all those half started passion projects? 

Or finally having the courage to start that business?

All of it is possible to you, if you believe in the uniqueness you bring to this world. 

That’s right SOUL STAR!

You are magical! 

And everything you desire is waiting to be yours! 

By learning to shift and release your BIG emotions you come back into a sense of balance and EMPOWERMENT! 

It’s time to START believing then BEING the person you were born to be. 

Here are 5 ways Kinesiology can help you…

✨Reframing & releasing the old stories and emotions that were keeping you stuck.

✨Building your self-awareness and trust by connecting back to your intuition.

✨Redefining your energetic boundaries by getting to know what you value and stand for.

✨Aligning with your goals so that you continue to expand and GROW!

✨Learning new spiritual tools that will help you feel emotionally EMPOWERED.

"Before the sessions I was feeling stuck and like my energy was very resistant to what I was trying to achieve. These sessions have allowed me to feel more empowered in what I am doing, with clearer energy and a new perspective"​
Marly Aleria
Kinesiology Client

How does it work?

Kinesiology works with the energy model, borrowing from Chinese medicine principles, such as the 5 elements and Meridian-system.

The Meridians are are invisible energy lines that run through the body holding your chi or life-force energy.

In a session we connect your mind to your body to clearly receive messages about your emotional stresses, then use Kinesiology corrections to balance your chi energy.

More often than not the emotions that we are releasing have been stuck for a very long time. 

These emotions can manifest as unconscious & unwarranted patterns, habits, behaviours and even illness. 

Over multiple sessions we can get to the root cause of your emotional blocks, and release the energetic thread to help bring you back into alignment with your purpose. 

Why Kinesiology?

When I first experienced Kinesiology as a client I was curious to learn more…

How did it work?

Where were the emotions stuck?

How could I continue to release these emotions in my own time?

This natural curiosity led me into my own studies of energetic practices from Kinesiology to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Timeline + Hypnotherapy, Reiki + Intuitive Healing.

I saw the common thread…

These practices all teach you how to release the emotions you’re holding onto while balancing your energetic system.

And it is my intention to create a safe space for you to let go with ease weaving together different modalities.

Through this 1:1 Process you will...


To your body

I will offer tools and processes to help you connect to your bodies innate wisdom and strengthen communication to your intuition.



Through the Kinesiology & Energy Balancing Processes while also learning how to integrate the  tools into your everyday life.



By relaxing into the natural flow of chi energy in your body coming back to your most authentic expression of self.  

"My reality and awareness has shifted to excited, joyful and confident emotions that I didn't realise I had access to with such ease. The sessions were activating and I liked learning the different ways I can let the negative emotions go from my body to let everything flow again."​
Alana Clarie
Kinesiology Client

Each session is unique...

In each session I am intuitively guided to tools and processes that will help you release stagnant emotions and come back into alignment. 

We will connect to the most authentic version of you, by having a conversation with your body. 

It’s my job to help you get to know your own energy. 

By empowering you to understand the lessons the uncomfortable emotions are teaching you. 


Let's work together to find Emotional Empowerment.

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I also offer online sessions via Google meet. 

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