Intuitively guiding you to experience more…

Creativity, Alignment + Purpose in your life.

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Illuminating Soulful Creativity

Your Soul Star is your connection to your higher-self.

With Kinesiology + Creative Coaching you will learn to trust the whispers of your soul, illuminate your intuition, and download creative inspiration from your own personal universe.

"Pip is a highly gifted kinesiologist + coach with a supernatural ability to pinpoint the areas that need to be deconstructed and resurrected. With each session I gain insights and tools to direct towards my every day life and my business."​
Suzanne Piekarz
Kinesiology + Coaching Client

1:1 Sessions.

Teaching you the art of PURPOSEFUL LIVING.

You know you’re destined for so much more than your current reality…

⚡️ You’ve envisioned a different life
⚡️ Dabbled with some creative ideas
⚡️ Dipped your toes in the waters of self-discovery
⚡️ Maybe even gone up to your knees…

And now you’re ready to dive all the way in.

"I feel more aligned to my brand and vision than ever. It was amazing to just have someone see me and acknowledge me at each step, holding me accountable to move forward and guiding me to know my magic!"​
Marly Howard
Coaching Client

Hi I'm Pip Laiika,

A Kinesiologist + Creative Coach who has been exploring my craft through art, textile design and spiritual concepts for over 10 years.

I’m here to help you SHINE like a STAR in your creative practice by connecting to your intuition, healing your thoughts and emotions and inspiring you to believe YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to trust and follow your souls whispers. 

Why? Because I believe that everyone has their own unique gifts and creative magic to offer the world and with cosmic guidance you can learn to express yourself in a way that reflects your authentic truth. 

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