Hey soul client, 

I’m so glad you’re here and you’re ready to open the doors to your limitless potential within your brand.

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking this first step. 

For having the courage to leap into this transformation within yourself.

For being open and ready for whatever might come your way during our time working together. 


I’ve been on a long journey to figure out what it is I do and how I serve you. 

It took me over a year of taking messy imperfect action to get to where I am now. 

And that doesn’t include the 6+ years of pushing mud uphill.

With pivot after pivot in my creative endeavours, followed by lots of training, courses and upskilling.

I had worked as a designer for a few years before I learnt mind-body coaching. 

And when I worked on my mindset, to heal and let go of my past wounds & scars.  I realised it was the missing piece to helping people build their personal brands. 

Because I had worked for too long hitting brick walls with clients, who had no clarity or vision for their brand designs. 

Enough was enough, that’s when the penny really dropped…


It wasn’t actually about just the designs or just the strategy. 

It went much deeper than that. 

⚡️ Deep into the unconscious mind.

⚡️ Deep into the patterns and conditioning that have shaped us 

⚡️ Deep into the beliefs, stories and habits, we have created over our lives. 


People weren’t reaching the results they wanted because they hadn’t released their old ways, released the limiting beliefs that kept them stuck in the confusion and overwhelm of their racing minds, the 100s of ideas and no clarity, organisation or direction.

Sitting down to work day after day feeling like they were doing nothing at all, the stress building, anxiety suffocating & straining their gift of creativity.  

~ Exhale ~

They were ambitious in their dreams, but when they stopped to think about how they could actually materialise their ideas into this world, to take them out of their minds, to start taking that inspired action and moving towards their goals of building a physical product or service… 

They stood still in the dark, silent…

💫 Freaked out by social media & being seen. 

💫 Haunted by the thought of really truly showing up and creating all parts of their brand. 

💫 Scared of committing to their dreams because of the responsibility it would bring. 

💫 Struggling with perfectionism leading to not taking action, completely and utterly swallowed by their high expectations.

💫 Afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and be rejected, denied, and then feel like they have failed.


There was so much “stuff” blocking the clear pathway to their success.

And I could give them every branding template and every strategy tool to place a bandaid on that “stuff”.

But unless they got to the root core of the problem, the circumstance the thing that is holding themselves back that “stuff” would still be there.

Because the work is never done, the work is the journey called life and there will always be more uncovering, releasing and rewiring of our beliefs to help us reach those next levels within ourselves and our brands.


Whenever you start something new, there is a new level of commitment required from yourself.

You want to reach those new levels, that’s why you’re here. 

The true magic of building a personal brand lies within the belief work, strategy work and energy work. 

That discovery of yourself, your true essence and how you express that in this world through your brand.

It’s a moment where you need to step outside your comfort zone, to stretch and prepare yourself for what is to come so that you have the biggest breakthroughs.


And the reason I am telling you all of this is that I truly believe that the message needs to be shared. 

Because without the deep belief work there is no personal brand… 

Now, I know it might feel heavy, like a deep burden you are carrying, but if you do continue to hold that “stuff”, you’ll continue to be stuck in the perpetual loop of inaction and it’s frustrating there, it’s soul-destroying, and it blocks your creativity.  

And you, my dear, are ready for so much more than the limitations that are keeping you from living the life you desire while working on your purpose-led personal brand.

So, with all that being said, I hope you feel ready for the magic that’s to come. 

With Kindness,

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