Do you feel guilty about adding more to your plate when you haven’t seen results from what you’ve been creating yet?

It can be a natural way to think when you have been working your butt off to create offers and ideas.

But adding more to your plate won’t solve the real problem here. 

You see, your beliefs are what’s stopping you from reaching that next level.


When something feels hard it’s because there is fear behind it. 

🔥 And fear creates resistance.

🔥 Fear creates doubt.

🔥 Fear creates uncertainty. 

But the good news is that you CAN choose how you feel. 

You can rewire your thoughts to focus on possibility rather than fear so that you come into alignment with what you desire to achieve.  


Your belief in yourself,  your product, and your offer to the world are what’s standing in the way of your success. 

➡️ You are the only one that can give yourself permission to grow. 

➡️ You are the only one that can give yourself permission to succeed.

➡️ You are the only one that can give yourself permission to create from your soul. 


So, If you have a desire to create then create
If you have a desire to speak your truth then speak your truth
If you have a desire to do the thing that scares you the most. 


We stay in the fear of our comfort zone because it feels safe. 

We make excuses for not taking action because we are afraid of what might happen if we get what we really want.

We procrastinate and self-sabotage because we don’t have a set of steps or a roadmap with the journey set in stone. 

Yes, it’s helpful to have the map before we enter the woods. 

✨ But what if it was more about trust rather than knowing?

✨ What if it was about flow rather than working hard?

✨ What if it was about following your purpose rather than making money?

Because darling you weren’t made to suffer.

You were made to shine bright.

You were made to spread your light 

You were made to do so much more in this world than sit there and question if you are doing it right.

🌼 It’s in the messy imperfect action that you find clarity. 

🌼 It’s in putting your ideas out there that you gain momentum 

🌼 It’s in sharing your soul’s message that you gain trust. 

And it can be easy, once you choose to let your fears subside.

Once you CHANGE your reality by rewiring your unwarranted thoughts when they arise.

You will learn to step into the flow. 

Take your inspiration and run with it as it becomes action.

There’s no stopping you now. 

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