Manifesting Money in your Soul-led Creative Biz

Are you Guilty of this?

Having the dream to go all in on your biz.

Despising and hating on your part-time jobs.

Quitting them with a vision of things being different.

Then when the going gets tough all your met with is resistance?


Yes it’s true building a business takes commitment and consistency.

And you’re not just going to WISH your dream into existence.

👁 The vision is your starting point.

📝 Then comes the planning.

💪 Then comes the discipline to see your ideas through.

And with that comes the responsibility to own your shit in the process. (scuse the language)

That means owning and working through…

🔥 Your excuses

🔥 Your limiting thoughts

🔥 Your barriers to success

By working on these first you build the confidence to back yourself, your business and your offer/s 100%.

If your current level of thinking is focused on the LACK you are making it harder for yourself to attract the life of your dreams.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills.

It can feel like a struggle to get your business off the ground.

Because financial stress can put a strain on your creativity.

So, let’s talk about financial stability while following your dreams.

Because I see a lot of people struggling with this, and i’ve been there too.

You want to start a creative business following your heart.

Maybe you’ve already started (if so, yay go you!).

The thought of sharing your art with the world excites you.

Because your creations mean so much to you.

You have poured your heart and soul into the work you do.

And you would love if others could appreciate it too.

But as soon as things don’t go the way you want…

⚡️ You back out

⚡️ You retreat

⚡️ You give up

Right before the magic happens. ✨

Then you get that feeling in your guts…

You feel physically sick, because you want the results the coach describes.

It’s this deep knowing that you want to invest in a new program or course.

But you feel so scared because your mind is so focused on scarcity.

You don’t know how you could possibly make it work.

You stop yourself by spending all of your time and energy wondering how you are going to pay the next bill, instead of doing the internal work to help your business truly THRIVE.

It’s true that financial stability creates room for more FUN in your biz.

And Investing in yourself and your business is ABSOLUTELY going to help you get to your goals.

But how can you be SMART with your money?

While also staying CONNECTED to the POSSIBILITY that you can, attract and manage large amounts of wealth?

I believe its about learning to balance your dreamy soul-led business visions with practical & aligned action steps so that you can create fertile grounds for your creative business to flourish.

It’s your job to take responsibility for where you are NOW. (no one else can do it for you)

❌ No more guessing.

❌ No more wishing.

❌ No more avoiding.

Have the courage to be HONEST with yourself.

Learn to heal your relationship with money and then take the steps to GROW.

Because money works best in a state of flow.

And if you want to attract more wealth and abundance into your life you have to tell money where you want it to go.


Ready to follow your dreams but have no clue where to start?

Start here with these 5 POWERFUL & PRACTICAL Journal Prompts.


Let’s connect to the dream – What is your soul-led business vision, and why is it important for you to achieve it?
(when you feel the lack creep back in connect back to your WHY)


Now it’s time to get practical – What do you need to earn to cover your basic living & business expenses?


How can you earn that income without feeling financially stressed?
(Remember that the universe can bring you money from many different places – business revenue, a part-time or casual job with steady consistent income, savings, investments etc)


What needs to shift in your perspective to feel supported and not drained as you build your business foundations?


How can you create space in your schedule & commit to working on your business? (even if its only 10 minutes a day – remember small steps will help you chip away)

Ready to take the next step to

Download the 16 POWERFUL Money Mantras Workbook + EFT script.

What you think in the mind is first felt in the body and if you don’t learn the tools to release these blockages you will continue repeating the same cycles in your life and wonder why.

In this freebie you will be guided through a money manifestation journalling process to heal the mind then shift and dissolve the energetic blocks in your body with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

+ Have access to 20mins BONUS video content with Coaching and EFT.

Download the Money Mantras Workbook here or by clicking on the image above.

Work through the journal prompts then commit to the EFT process for 30 days and see your relationship to money change. 

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