Let's Get Colourful.

Colour is a really fun and easy way to inject some personality into your brand. 

When building a personal brand you are creating an impression or perception of your own individuality and expertise. 

So, choosing colours that represent you and your brand can help give your audience a visual representation of your vibe. 

You might even like to go a little deeper considering colour psychology and the emotions that each colour evokes.


Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with colour.

  • What colours are you drawn to?
  • What colours do you wear the most?
  • How do the colours mentioned above make you feel?


When you attach feeling to colour you have created a sensory experience. 

And it’s these little tips and tricks that can be used when choosing the perfect colour palette for your brand. 


Still, need a little help?

I have put together 5 of my favourite colour palettes for 2022 with a bonus client profile!

Here they are:

Curiously Creative.

The curiously creative, these personal brands are a little bit quirky. They love to pattern clash their clothing and decorate their homes with organic shapes and weird little ornaments. In their spare time, you might find them frolicking through a field of flowers or dreaming up their next creative project.

Cosmic Pastels.

The cosmic space queens, these personal brands owners love pastel colours and the odd pop of brightness. When they aren’t too busy with their heads in the clouds connecting to their higher self you’ll find them playfully enjoying the mysteries of their human existence. Did I mention they sparkle?

That 70's Vibe.

Our time machine babes, with one foot in the 70s and one foot in the now. These personal brands oooze vintage style and class. When they aren’t working you will find them surrounded by all their knick-knacks reading a good book. Or watering their jungle of plants and homegrown veggies.

Earthly Magic.

Our Mumma earth lovers, these personal brands are connected to all things nature. They love to move through their days slowly and intentionally. When they aren’t working you’ll find them creating a herbal tincture or in a grounding meditative practice. Did I mention they make the best hot cacao?

A Different Perspective.

The bold, the brave, the beautiful. These personal brands are not afraid to stand out. Getting dressed in the morning is like putting together a piece of art. When they aren’t working they’ll be out and about always stopping to smell the roses while gallery hopping and broadening their perspectives on life.

Let me know which ones your favourite by sending me a message on Instagram or email.

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